Our Customers

I just wanted to let you know that your guys have finished up a little while ago, and I just wanted to say how good of a job they did. Giancarlo and Ivan are their names, I believe, and they did a fantastic job!

They were efficient, professional, and personable. They did a wonderful job, so thanks to them and thanks again for all your help too! Our space looks impeccable and all-together, I am incredibly pleased with the whole operation.

If there’s anything more I need to do, please let me know, and please feel free to let anyone of upper-level importance know how great of a job the three of you have done.

It may be a while before we need to recycle like today but rest assured we will know where to go for our business.

Thanks again for everything; this will help me look good to my supervisor too ?

All the best,

Tanner Woody
– Kelly Hart

Thank you for checking on us.

I want to specifically compliment and thank our friendly guests today at Carevide.

Thank you to Giancarlo and Lawrence, who came through on time and were very helpful in carrying some of this heavy equipment to the back where the truck was parked. They lifted some of the most heaviest boxes for me. I tried… but oh well. I am so happy to say they were extremely helpful!!! I cannot thank them enough!!! I genuinely appreciate how courteous they were, and I would totally continue to work with them when they arrive onsite.

Thank you,

Salina Putmon
IT Lead

Your Techs were on-time and communicated promptly. They are the best.

Jeff Akisa
IT Support Technician II
-MI Windows and Doors

Everything went great. They called before showing up, were very professional, and efficiently loaded up everything.

Thank you for the service!

Mark Spencer,
Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer / Chief Information Officer
-Christian Care Communities and Services

They were wonderful! Everything went smoothly, and they were done quickly. Thank you so much!

William Zollicoffer
-Zena Communications

I just wanted to let you know your guys came and got our stuff. They were amazing, so helpful, and very polite. We will be using your business in the future; we have a manufacturing building full of goodies aka junk.

Thank you so much for your help!

Gina R. Watson
-Venture Research Inc.

Hi Rana. All done! Lawrence was great……picked up the old anesthesia machine and ancient printer just a few min ago. Not sure how the anesthesia machine will recycle but hopefully, you can get some parts from it.

Thanks again!

The drivers are great – Lawrence is really good. He’s so easy to work with. Great job, Lawrence!

Charles Miwodor
-TX Oncology

I just wanted to let you know Lawrence and Giancarlo took really good care of us. They attended us well and we would like to have them both for our next event next year. Thank you to the guys for providing great customer service!

Have a great day!
Daisy Wilson
Assistant Property Manager
-Holt Lunsford Commerical