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Complimentary Office Equipment Pickup Service

For qualifying customers.*

Unlike most office equipment disposal and hauling organizations, Green Glove Technology Recycling, LLC does not assess fees for the removal of unwanted technology at your location.

In addition to this complimentary service, Green Glove Technology Recycling, LLC includes a Certificate of Recycle and Release of Liability at the time of the scheduled pickup. Our team is ready to help your organization reclaim lost office space by handling all the outdated equipment in your office, including LCD and CRT monitors, printers and fax machines, computers, accessories and parts, cameras, televisions, DVR and VCR equipment, and more. Nothing is left behind and Green Glove Technology Recycling, LLC disposes and recycles unwanted technology responsibly to keep Texas and the greater environment looking great and healthy for future generations.

Dependable Hard Drive Destruction You Can Trust

Old and outdated hard drives and flash drives may not take up a lot of space in your office, and it’s easy to simply box them up in a supply closet and forget about them. However, the data contained on those drives will always be accessible as long as the product is physically intact. This means that private information about your company, your employees, your customers, or specific banking information can be retrieved should these items fall into the wrong hands. At Green Glove Technology Recycling, LLC, we take hard drive and flash drive destruction seriously, protecting customers from liability and handling the work in-house, rather than outsourcing these projects to a local provider with an unverified reputation like other technology disposal competitors.

All hard drive destruction projects come with a Certificate of Destruction and an Itemized List to ensure that not a single item is left unaccounted for.

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Green Glove Technology Recycling, LLC picks up all of your unwanted technology in compliance with national e-waste standards and disposes of it using environmentally responsible methods. Reclaim valuable office space today when you schedule an affordable and convenient pickup that works for your organization’s schedule.